Welcome to Futsal SA [established 1998]

***** See below for new competition and season dates *****

Note: Individual players must register online with MyFootballClub as indicated on the Team Nomination forms for ALL competitions. www.myfootballclub.com.au and follow the instructions to register.

Open Men's competitions

Sunday and Wednesday night ALL YEAR ROUND futsal at -

The ARC Campbelltown,

531 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown, 5074


Registrations must be done before the July season starts.

Wednesday NEW SEASON started 12th July 2017 - first game kicks off at 6.30pm

Come along and watch a game in the new upstairs viewing area.


Sunday NEW SEASON starts 16th July 2017 - first game kicks off at 5.40pm

*Limited places are available*: Open Men's competition- Wednesday evenings, July-Dec, 2017 email: Paul

*Limited places are available*: Open Men's competition- Sunday evenings, July-Dec, 2017, email: Romano

  • To join the new Open Men's Competition for the 2017 July to December season at The ARC;-
  • For Sunday only phone Romano - 0405 782 755
  • or email the Competition Manager romano@futsal-sa.com.au (Sunday league)
  • OR
  • For Wednesday only phone Paul - 0424 442 230
  • or email Competition Manager paul@futsal-sa.com.au (Wednesday league) by June 2017 to register your interest as positions for teams are strictly limited.
  • Register your interest as soon as possible to ensure you get a place in one of these competitions.
  • We play by FIFA futsal rules and use accredited FFA referees for ALL games.
  • A team registration day (date TBA).



The ARC Campbelltown

531 Lower North East Road

Campbelltown, S.A. 5074

...Summer Series futsal at The ARC...

The Futsal SA "Summer Series" competition will start again in late September 2017 and plays through to December 2017.

More details on how to join coming in July.

Junior and Senior competitions for most age groups of boys and girls, men and women.

ALL games are played at The ARC Campbelltown

This new centre has modern facilities, change rooms and a first floor viewing area for spectators. A well stocked cafeteria for that cup of coffee or tea and even a hot meal is available most days. Plenty of spectator seating upstairs or use the lift (next to the gym).

Nomination forms for JUNIORS and OPEN men's/women's competitions are available from Rob.

For more information on entering a team and nomination forms please contact -

Rob Pepicelli on Ph: 0410 300 642 OR email: pepirob@adam.com.au


Tony La Scala on Ph: 0407 979 805 OR email: tony@futsal-sa.com.au

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Wednesday evening - Open Men's futsal
Sunday evening - Open Men's futsal
The ARC -September to December
Juniors and Seniors - Summer season


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